Sept. 19: Thursday.

I keep on telling you that we are gardening, but I haven’t put any photos in these posts. Perhaps you think I’m just pulling your leg? Or your foot? Trying to make you believe that I – we – are working hard when, in fact, we are lazing about? Today I took a brief break

20 Sep 2013

Sept. 17: Tuesday and Sept. 18: Wednesday

I’m writing this blog at 2 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon (Sept 18). Cathy and I have just finished a lunch of rocket, tomatoes, smoked roast chicken, goat cheese, Tomme de Savoie (cheese), baguette, peaches, strawberries, and, of course, chocolate – and a wee glass of red wine, just because “when in France, do as the

18 Sep 2013

Sept. 15, Sunday: being written on Monday the 16th

It is now Monday afternoon, Sept. 16, at 1:30 p.m. and I am just sitting down to write my blog post for yesterday, Sunday the 15th – and what a day it was! To begin, Cathy and I went to bed on Saturday night planning to take a boat from Le Lavandou port to the

16 Sep 2013

Sept. 14: Saturday, Notre-Dame de Constance & Parc du Cigalou

Saturday! No work today! I haven’t had a Monday to Friday job in many years. Feels odd. We slept in today, till 6:45 instead of 6:00. Not much longer, really, but it always feels good to just wake up whenever you wake up, instead of to an alarm. We took our time with coffee, breakfast,

14 Sep 2013

Sept. 13: and a bit more about Sept. 12.

Turns out that last night didn’t end when I ended my blog post. Indeed, we do have both feet and art to add to my report for Thursday the 12th! Cathy and I ate our dinner around 8 p.m., as described in yesterday’s blog, and we did drink that half bottle of wine. But that

13 Sep 2013

Sept. 12: Thursday: Work, then Le Lavandou.

A usual work day, I continued cleaning piles of leaves out of the many extensive plant beds in the huge garden. No scratches on my arms today, I learned my lesson and tucked my sleeves into my gloves. As the day got hotter and hotter, so did I, but I left my sweatshirt on with

12 Sep 2013

Sept. 11: Wednesday: Gardening & Museum.

By now you know our routine by heart. But today I’m going to add photos of our route to work. I think that last time I did this that I showed you the wrong stairs. This morning I took photos as we went and Cathy is in all of them, so I now won’t get

11 Sep 2013

Sept. 10: Tuesday: Not exactly gardening.

Up in the dark at 6, coffee for both of us, dress, eat breakfast, and out the door and up the hillside stairs at 7:15. But work this day had a little surprise for us. In the last post I included a photo of a little house that S and T have been staying in.

10 Sep 2013

Sept. 9: Monday: 1st Gardening Day

Darn! No Starbucks in Bormes les Mimosas! And no coffee pot in our apartment. But there is a one cup French press. Cathy and I got up at 6 a.m. this morning and it was still dark. She said that tea would be fine with her (although I DID offer to make her coffee!!), so

09 Sep 2013

Sept. 8, Sunday: 1st Day in Bormes les Mimosas

When Nicky left me here in the apartment and went home last evening, our plan for the next day (today, Sunday) was for me to walk up to her house at 8:30 in the morning and go to the beach with her, Mick, and her sister. Saturday evening I did laundry, unpacked, settled in, and

08 Sep 2013
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