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Oct. 4, Friday: Last Day in Bormes-les-Mimosas.

I probably don’t need to tell all of you that yesterday’s blog post was tongue-in-cheek. It began as a joke that Cathy played on me. After gardening yesterday I went into the shower and when I came out Cathy said, “I’ve prepared us an extra special lunch!” I believed her. Why not? We have been casually taking turns or working together to set up these meals and she might very well have done it on her own this time while waiting for me. I also thought that she might be making just a little joke because we were having leftovers from Wednesday’s lunch with T and S, and she was referring to our leftovers as a “special” treat. But when I stepped into the kitchen and saw the two tomato lunch set up, I couldn’t stop laughing. I’ll tell you what prompted Cathy to create it.   Somehow, on Wednesday we ended up with 2 cherry tomatoes leftover after our lunch with S and T – I think everyone was just being polite and didn’t want to finish up the last bit. When I was putting the food away I was so stuffed that I didn’t even want to eat these two stragglers myself, so I placed them on the saucer of a coffee cup and set them on the counter top. Cathy didn’t notice this until Thursday lunch time and it struck her as comical, so she created the set up I showed you photos of, with one cherry tomato on a coffee cup saucer for each of us. So, is that really what we ate for our Thursday lunch? Ya gotta be kiddin’! If you’ve been reading this blog you know that we had roast chicken, cheese, bread, salad, fruit, wine and chocolate!! And plenty of it. Minimalists? Me and Cathy? Not. No photos today. No art today (or the last two days). And no exciting adventures. We are definitely detaching and getting ready to move on. We put in our last 4 hours at the garden this morning, mostly weeding. At noon we returned to the apartment and had lunch – a repeat of yesterday’s menu, including the wine. We needed some inspiration because we had to clean the apartment to get it ready for the next workaways. Whew, what a task! We are very exhausted. Cathy and I leave tomorrow morning at 9:30 to catch a bus to Toulon, then a 1:00 train from Toulon to Nice. From the Nice train station we will walk to the apartment that I’m renting there. Cathy will stay one night, then will fly home on Sunday. I will be in that apartment for 2 weeks (with Carl joining me on Oct. 17. Hooray!). My Nice apartment does not have wifi, so there may be a day or two that you won’t see a blog post from me. In a day or two I will find a cafe with wifi and do all my blogging and emailing from there. I will probably have to make the blogs shorter, since I don’t want to sit in a cafe for 4 hours – maybe two hours, but even that is long. But, we shall see. The weather today has been colder, cloudy and windy, and we are hoping that it won’t rain. We are treating ourselves to dinner out at a restaurant this evening. It’s not so bad that the weather isn’t sunny and warm as it has been, since it makes it easier to leave this wonderful place, but we don’t want to get soaking wet walking back to the apartment. Then, we don’t really want to travel in the rain tomorrow either. So, cross your fingers for us. We shall see. That’s all until Nice.
October 4th, 2013 at 10:53 pm

Safe travels Debi!! I can’t wait to hear from you in Nice.


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